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Driver Profile:

Driver: Trevor Teats

Birthday: 5.11.2000

Favorite past time(when not racing): Racing video games, baseball

Favorite track: Anywhere!


Trevor began racing mid-way through the racing season in 2006 in Rookie Caged Purple.

In 2007 (first full year), he finished 3rd in points at Selinsgrove Raceway Park and ran a limited schedule at Greenwood Valley Action Tracks.  He ended the year with 12 wins. 

2008 proved to be an exciting year for the young driver from Kreamer. Trevor raced at both Selinsgrove and Greenwood Valley Action Track. He finished the season with a total of 36 wins and a track championship at Greenwood and 2nd place at Selinsgrove.   

Trevor has won several special event races as well as winning all three races(Lil' Greenwood, Penns Creek and Selinsgrove) during the Extreme Dirt Series Weekend event in 2008.

2009 was a great season.  Trevor finished 3rd in Rookie Caged II (.500) at Selinsgrove Raceway Park and 4th in points- PDKS in Rookie Caged I.  Selinsgrove always proved to be an exciting night as 14 to 20 karts showed up every week in the blue plate class.  Racing with Spencer Davis and Brandon Lepley in the PDKS events pushed Trevor to be a better driver throughout the year.

2010: Finished 3rd in Rookie Caged II at Selinsgrove Raceway Park. Competed in PDKS series (finished 3rd in points with all races/ with drop finished 6th).  Burris Money Series at Hunterstown finished 3rd.  Competed at Central PA finished 1st.  Extremes Dirt Series (Selinsgrove, Lil Greenwood, Penns Creek) finished 3rd in Rookie Cage II and Rookie II.  Started racing Rookie II at the end of the season and proved to be a competitor! Finished 1st second night out.

2011: Won Championship at Selinsgrove Raceway Park in Rookie II with 7 wins.  Competed in PDKS: Junior II Champ- 3rd, Junior II Heavy(1st PDKS win at Cove Valley)- 6th, Junior II Light- 8th.  Burris Money Series at Hunterstown finished 2nd in Junior II Champ and finished 3rd in Junior II(2 wins). Trailway Kart Klassic 1st place.  Extreme Dirt Series (Selinsgrove, Penns Creek, Lil' Greenwood) 2nd place.  Dubois Race-1 finished 2nd place. Syracuse Indoor finished 2nd.

2012: For the 2012 season, Trevor raced in JR II Lites and Heavy.  PDKS JR II Lites Champion with 3 wins, JR II Heavy 2nd place with 1 win.  East/West Series Champion with 5 wins out of 7 races and two 2nd place finishes.  Burris Money Series Champ at Hunterstown with 4 wins out of 6 races. 

Traveled to Williamston, NC and raced against some of the best in the south! Finished 2nd and 4th -great runs in both events.  Raced in both Race-1 events in DuBois in May and September bringing home wins from each.

End of the season, moved to JR Restricted -Extreme Dirt Series Champion winning at all three tracks in JR Restricted. 







Selinsgrove Raceway Park 2008

Photo by Diane's Digital Photos (DDP)


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